Saturday, July 7, 2018

Blog: The Beginning

I'm so gonna receive a lot of flak for my title again..well at least that's the feedback I got from my close friends for my previous post of I Didn't Chose Saipan, Saipan Chose Me. Yeah real friends talk crap about each other lol

Anyway you know how famous movies or books are all about producing/publishing sequels after sequels when they reach the end of the storyline, they go back to the core i.e. prequel or the beginning of everything. Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, X-Men or even horror movies such as Exorcist, Conjuring & Annabelle are all about prequels just to name a few. Ok, before this turn into a horrible horror story (I do like horror movies btw) what's really my point?

Maybe you can say that I'm about to reached the end of my storyline. I already decided from the very start to only post about my travels and adventures and not about my personal life. Yeah I'm a blogger but I'm a very private about my personal life. Contradicting right?lels As you can observed, I haven't done much travelling lately not because I don't want to but it's the situation that I have no control of. Clue: Working conditions, living abroad, etc. Believe me I'm dying to TRAVEL. This is the longest that I haven't travel that I miss walking inside the airport. I miss the thrill of catching my flight, running inside to get through the departure gate and securing a window seat overlooking the city or an island or just plain clouds because it just never gets old. Ok, this is not good. I might go panic flying again real soon lol.

Since I don't have any travel stories to share for now, let's go back to the very beginning. The reason why I started this blog was because I was going through 'something' that time. That something was..ok I'm not gonna deny it, it was too long ago anyway. I was heartbroken. You know that 'my-whole-world-is-falling-apart-I'm-about-to-go-crazy kinda thing. It sucks I know and it was definitely one of my darker days. I for one wanted to find an outlet, something to distract myself from the void I'm feeling. Obviously, travelling is not the answer because I always travel whether I'm happy or not. And at that time I was already travelling non-stop so travelling alone is not enough to make me feel whole again. It just so happen that I just came from Cebu that time together with my good friend Eva June doing some hard core island hopping when the idea hits me to start a blog out of nowhere. I was like Why not? I was already reading hundreds of blog even before so I'm familiar with how it works.

And that's how I started & publish my first post Malapascua, Kalanggaman & Bantayan Island which is by the way still the most visited out of all my entries. Looking back, I actually had a hard time finishing that post. My mind often wanders somewhere and I wasn't exactly in the right state of mind to do some writing. I had to force myself to sound upbeat and I guess anyone who reads my blog wouldn't even notice that I was going through something. I could have done it so much better to be honest but that's that. So right after I publish it came the support from my friends or so-called friends it doesn't really matter. They liked it! Well there will always be haters but I don't really care. It was the beginning of something else. And it sure did. I don't want to go into details anymore of how far I've come (choz!) because there's still a lot of things that I needed to figure out. What I want you to take away from this is that don't ever let anyone or anything dull your sparkle. It was ok to feel not ok, to feel broken, to feel everything & nothing at the same time. Cry if you must but you need to pick yourself up. I mean you just can't stay crying all day can you? :p Always change for the better, the only way to go from the bottom is UP right? Go light your spark, set fire to the dark, you'll see all the shadows lie behind you. (Ok kanta yan, it's not from me but it made perfect sense lol)